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This is the fiction companion to jadesfire, as a place for me to put all my Jack Harkness stories without clogging up my regular journal as I have been doing.

There are links in the sidebar to all my stories, in all universes.

As I sometimes get asked, yes, I'm happy for people to play with my Original Characters. I'd like to know it's happening, but I've no objections if you don't want me to see it before you post. After all, the Beeb lets us play with their characters, so it'd just be ungrateful for me to object. Some stories in this fic-verse NOT by me are linked to from the sidebar

The banner on my profile is by vands88 as are 4 of my icons. The banner above was a gift from laurab1, who also made the 'time-line' icon. Thanks, guys!
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*blows dust off journal*

I'm starting to get back into Torchwood writing-mode (very, very slowly) and am doing that by posting thinky thoughts about writing.

Oh, alright, the first one's more like a random collection of Things That Occurred To Me but I swear I'll get thinky at some point. I'm linking them from here on the basis that this is my writing journal and therefore kind of what it's for.

Writing Thoughts #1: Jelly beans
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Fic: Movie Night

Yes, this is an actual Torchwood fic by me. More than that, it's a *proper* Torchwood fic, not a Jack-fic masquerading as Torchwood fic. Nobody faint.

Title:Movie Night
Author: jadesfire
Words: ~1,700
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto, Tosh (Gen)
Spoilers: Episode tag to "From Out of the Rain"

Notes: Written for noveltea as part of the Fandom Free For All. With thanks to Z, Chrys, Donutsweeper and Rusty for the speediest and most perceptive beta-services known to Livejournal.

Summary: Somehow, Tosh suspects that when Jack instructed her and Ianto to check Torchwood's archives ("Just in case anything else decides to start wandering out and killing people") he hadn't had their impromptu movie night in mind.

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Fic Commentary: The Doldrums

You might want to make a note of this. I almost never write fluff. Almost never. But the weather (amongst other things) has been really, really getting to me lately, and I know there's a few people on my flist having a much tougher time of it than me at the moment.

So this is for you. And me.

Yeah. There's a lot more fluff in my writing now than I'm totally happy with, but I don't apologise for it here. It had been a horrible few months, for me and other people, and I just wanted something happy, something to smile and sigh at. The whole story came out of my writing a journal entry with the phrase "The Doldrums" and having a vague memory that it was connected to a real phenomenon somehow. So I did a little bit of research and wrote this off the back of what I found.

(Originally posted in my personal journal. Cross-posting wherever I can find, with apologies for spamming.)
Title: The Doldrums [original story, without commentary here]
Author: jadesfire
Words: ~1200
Characters: Nine, Rose, Jack
Rating/spoilers: G/nope
Warnings: Nope, tis pure fluff

Summary: Are we nearly there yet?

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Fic Commentary: Snookered

It's still not too late to request things for the commentary meme - I'll take at least 2 more requests before my common sense kicks in.

In the meantime, have a commentary ;)

Hokay. Commentary's in pink, in honour of miss_zedem, who always betas in pink, and for whom this story was written. darththalia requested the commentary, and I know your main interest is pretty much Hugh, so I've stayed with the character and plot decisions for the most part. Stylistically, it's pretty bare, even for me, so I honestly couldn't think of anything to say about that!

The original story is here if you want to read that first. I suspect it will work better that way

Title: Snookered
Author: jadesfire
Words: ~2,500
Rating/pairing/spoilers: PG/none/none
Beta: The ever-patient crystalshard, who pointed out that miss_zedem requested "Jack/Hugh" and helped me get there.
This is important. I dug out the first copy I sent for beta, which had the following comment that I hope Chrys doesn't mind my repeating in full:
"I like this a lot, it's very visual. However, I think you're missing out on, yes, the below-the-surface emotions. I got the impression that this was supposed to be Jack/Hugh, not Jack-and-Hugh-friendship. You might want to spice it up by showing Jack's attraction to Hugh a bit more, and possibly have Jack notice that Hugh is a little bit attracted to him. I can't believe that Jack 'anything with a pulse' Harkness wouldn't be attracted, even if he knew he'd never act on it."
"It's very visual but lacks depth" could be the definition of much of my fic, at least before Z and Chrys get hold of it. I absolutely rely on them to help me, because I *see* stories, I don't live them. I write by watching the video in my head and writing down what I see, which, added to my horror of melodrama and over-emoting and a natural tendency to turn the characters into teenage girls when I try, means that below-the-surface emotion has been something I've had to learn to write.

Summary: Just a friendly game of snooker, but when it's Jack playing, anything can happen.

A/N: Written for miss_zedem who requested Jack/Hugh. This is as close as I'm going to get! Technically, I guess this is a missing scene from "The Waiting Years", but it stands pretty well alone as well.

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Time Line

Meme again

I've hit a bit of a block in my writing lately - burnt out on all the Big Bangs, I think - but fortunately I have cunning plans to get myself going again. The first of these is to overload myself with deadlines so I have to just write. The second is below!

Request any fic of mine and I will provide you with a commentary/annotations, like a DVD extra

Feel free to choose anything from here or from the House and SGA lists over at jadesfire. The only thing off-limits is my SGA Big Bang, as a commentary to that is in progress (Squeee!) but otherwise, take your pick!
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Fic: Be Not Without Hope

So, there's going to be a million "Turn Left" fics. This is mine.

Title: Be Not Without Hope
Author: jadesfire
Words: ~1,600
Rating/Warnings: PG/None
Spoilers: Like woah. Based on Collapse )

Notes: With thanks to miss_zedem and fandom_me for prodding and hand-holding, and to an anonymous commenter for pointing out the plot hole (now fixed - hey, if Torchwood can use retcon...)

Summary: Even Jack can't live without hope.

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Fic: Tears of the Gods

Birthday fic for rustydog! And here's to many more.

ETA: Now with actual formatting! *facepalm*

Title: Tears of the Gods
Author: jadesfire
Words: 1300ish
Characters: Jack, Hugh Marion
Warnings/Rating: None/PG

Notes: With thanks to miss_zedem for getting the sappiness down to acceptable levels and sorting out my parts of speech. I'm not entirely selfless, and am claiming this for my OC Challenge table, prompt: "Tears". I'll be cross-posting in the morning, so I apologise in advance for spamming.

Summary: He was the centre of a kaleidoscope, drenched in colour and sound so strong that it dazzled him, reflecting back and around in sequences of breathtaking beauty.

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