January 27th, 2007

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A Few Quiet Drinks 2: Hex

Title: A Few Quiet Drinks 2: Hex

Words: Just over 1000
Warnings/Ratings: Only for mild insanity...
Spoilers: Nope. There's a reference to something from Going Postal, but should more or less make sense without having read it.
Unbetaed in case the madness is catching. And apologies - somehow, this one ended up with a plot...

Summary: Sometimes, you just need a place where no-one would think to look for you.

Part 1: Myfanwy & Fish

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Jack grinning

A Few Quiet Drinks 4: Loose Ends

Title: Loose Ends

Words: ~1200
Rating/Spoilers: PG/Only for what's common knowledge

Summary: Even when you think it's over, there's always something...

This one's for crystalshard who wanted the meeting and miss_zedem who'll appreciate the grammar.
EDIT: I've also just noticed that szm and lady_razzle got their requested meetings as well... I aim to please!

Part 1: Myfanwy & Fish
Part 2: Hex
Interlude: Sand
Part 3: Ook

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